MC Tested: Highway 21 Trigger Motorcycle Gloves

Quality, comfort, and simplicity in an affordable package.

Highway 21 Trigger Glove
The Trigger glove from Highway 21 is aimed at casual riders as well as those who prefer a lighter and simpler glove.Photo: Brody Cox

As cool and catchy as some repli-racer gloves can be, it's a nice change to see some love for stylish, cruiser-focused gear. Highway 21's Trigger Glove boasts sleek, dark leather and decorative double stitching that comes together in a raw, free-spirited package, which for $60, bring a lot to the table.

The genuine goatskin leather is soft and supple, allowing for an improved feel of the controls without sparing too much abrasion resistance. Pre-curved fingers really help the glove follow the natural line of the hands while resting on the grips, and the memory foam pads that are stitched into the palm are a welcomed addition for those longer rides where vibrations can lead to numbness and early fatigue. Generous use of stretchy ribbing also means that the break-in period isn't as harsh, and the gloves flex well on the hand. The Velcro at the wrist closure is strong and hasn't shown any signs of weakness after months of use.

Highway 21 Trigger Glove
The stretch paneling helps during the break-in process and allows the glove to flex along with the hand comfortably, especially along the lower thumb joint.Photo: Brody Cox

Sizing seems to run right on course, and during use I noted that thumb room is generous, as my thumbs are on the longer side and I find that to be a hindrance normally. While they may appear to have some perforation, upon use and closer inspection I noticed that only the reinforced padded sections were in fact porous, and noted that as a result these gloves tended to run on the warmer side. This is great if you're riding in moderate to colder weather, but may be just a little too warm for the height of summer here in Southern California.

Highway 21 Trigger Gloves
With the Trigger glove from Highway 21, you’re able to use your smartphone while wearing the glove, although I had better luck using my index finger as opposed to my thumb.Photo: Brody Cox

Touch screen compatibility is always a welcomed feature, but I did find that my phone responded better to inputs from the index finger as opposed to the thumb. A two-year manufacturer's warranty definitely helps add an aspect of assurance and honesty to the overall experience, which is appreciated.

Highway 21 Trigger Gloves
After months and months of use, I haven’t noticed any weakening of the Velcro closure system which secures the glove over your wrist.Photo: Brody Cox

Highway 21's trigger gloves represent a sizeable value for the cost. I wouldn't necessarily recommend them for the spirited canyon carver due to their lack of armor and gauntlet, but for the weekend cruiser or those who just prefer a lighter and simpler glove, they're definitely a solid choice.

Highway 21 Trigger Gloves
PRICE: $60

VERDICT: A well-rounded glove that's best suited for casual cruising. Great for riders who lean more towards comfort and feel with a flair for style.

Highway 21 Trigger Gloves
Sizing seems to run right on course, and during use I noted that thumb room is generous, as my thumbs are on the longer side and I find that to be a hindrance normally.Photo: Brody Cox