MC Garage Video: How To Service Your Suspension Linkage

Your swingarm and suspension-linkage bearings have a rough life. Show them some TLC.

Heavy loads, constant motion, and direct exposure to crud that gets flung off the rear tire mean that your swingarm and suspension-linkage pivots lead a rough life. Servicing your bike’s rear-end bearings is one of those maintenance items that most people just don’t bother to do, and honestly, there isn’t really a set service interval for these parts. But if the pivot bearings are dry or dirty they’ll inhibit suspension action and wear out quickly, so if your bike is more than a few years old, has a ton of miles on it, or regularly gets ridden in the rain or in dusty conditions, you owe it to your bike to tackle this project. Lucky for you, we’ve got an MC Garage video that walks you through the procedure.