On Two Wheels: Video Series

The best motorcycle video series on the internet!

Motorcyclist’s On Two Wheels video series returns with not two, but four fresh hosts. Although these guys are new to the show, they’ve worked alongside each other, in varied capacities, for years, all for the love of riding. In this YouTube-based motorcycle video series they join forces sharing the often challenging, sometimes sketchy, but always fun side of motorcycling. Presenting their experience in a lighthearted fashion they encourage you to get out and ride, no matter what type of bike you have at home.


Meet the Guys

Adam Waheed, Senior Editor, Motorcyclist

Motorcyclist’s senior editor, Adam Waheed is no stranger to riding, writing, and sharing the thrill of motorcycles—on and off-camera. He grew up riding the charming but too-short Midwest summer months before making his pilgrimage west to sample California’s nearly unlimited riding season. Although he’s the latest recruit to the Motorcyclist family, Adam has been in the business of creating bike reviews and motorcycle content for the past decade. When he’s not riding, he’s working on his ever-growing collection of motorcycles, personal watercraft, and bicycles.

Morgan Gales, Custom and Culture Editor

Growing up in the heart of custom culture in Southern California, Morgan Gales has been riding and customizing bikes since he was a teenager. Now heading up Cruiser, hosting On Two Wheels, and working as an editor for Cycle World and Motorcyclist magazines, he emphatically shows his passion for all things motorcycles in his pictures, stories, and reviews. Working with Bonnier Motorcycle Group and the Cruiser brand since 2015, Morgan brings an authenticity that can only come from living the lifestyle he writes about.

Michael Gilbert, Road Test Editor

Racing is intertwined into Michael Gilbert’s DNA. As a youngster growing up in the Southern California motorcycle scene, Michael found his happy place on the asphalt. By 12 years old he was destroying apexes on his Honda NSR50 and, at 17, made a successful professional roadracing debut. Now Michael lives his life full gas, balancing time between his role as road test editor of Cycle World and Motorcyclist magazines—collecting data on whatever bike he can get the keys to—and competing full time in the MotoAmerica series. It's motorcycles seven days a week for Michael. Oh, and he likes long wheelies on the beach…

Justin Dawes, Senior Editor, Cycle World

After seeing On Any Sunday at the age of eight, Justin Dawes became hooked on dirt bikes. Growing up just outside of Las Vegas, he had plenty of room to ride and race—but mostly crash. He has worked in the motorcycle industry for 23 years in various capacities including service, testing, marketing, and content creation. Now overseeing the Cycle World website, hosting Motorcyclist’s MC Garage YouTube series and Five Bikes for Cycle World, and writing and hosting On Two Wheels, Justin still finds time to send it. He may be older and wiser than most of the crew, but he still isn’t afraid to put his body in harm’s way for the shot.

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