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Motorcyclist features the latest models, technology, and manufacturer announcements surrounding new motorcycles. Whether it’s a small or major update, or a completely new 2019 motorcycle being released, our in-depth reviews and comparisons break down everything you need to know. Stay tuned as we continue to ride and test new motorcycles that are rolling onto dealer showroom floors. 

Latest Motorcycle Reviews & Comparisons

Is that a new motorcycle? Or is it an existing model that’s undergone a few changes? It’s tough to keep up with all of the manufacturer news and releases throughout the year, but our staff’s coverage of new motorcycles is relentless. We ride and review each model as it gets released so that you stay informed with everything you need to make your next purchase. Check out our Buyer’s Guide for additional motorcycle reviews and comparisons from the top manufacturers, including Honda, Yamaha, Harley-Davidson, Ducati, BMW, and more.

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