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Motorcycle news moves fast. Our editors describe it as a year-round Isle of Man experience. Our editors follow this grueling pace, producing the most relevant and informative motorcycle news. The staff at Motorcyclist travels to the source, interviewing the most influential people in the industry, visiting every manufacturer, and chasing down every new motorcycle rumor. We work hard producing content that breaks down what it truly means to be a motorcyclist.

Motorcycle Rumors

Creation of a new motorcycle model is done behind closed doors, normally occurring years before the public gets to sit on the model. Years of conceptualizing, engineering, testing, and building happen before we get our hands on the bike to review for you. During this extended process, motorcycle rumors start to leak. While it might be small tidbits of information, maybe a spy photo of a bike with swirly paint on its fairings, it’s information that every motorcyclist wants to know.

Motorcycle rumors are also fueled by patent filings by major manufacturers because they want to protect their intellectual property. This holds true even for motorcycle gear manufacturers.

Latest Motorcycle Rumors

New Motorcycle Models

Once the rumor mills stop churning and the manufacturers build the bikes, we get our hands on the motorcycles. We attend press launches where we normally get a feel for the bike, giving it our first impressions in our first ride reviews. Then we get a model to keep in our Motorcyclist garage while we see how it stacks up against what the manufacturer claims. We ride it to work with our MC Commute. We give it to our On Two Wheels editors. We feature it in videos comparing models within the same segment. All so you know the best motorcycle for you.

Latest Motorcycle Models