MC Tested: IMS 3.0 Gallon Yamaha WR250R/X Fuel Tank

Add some range to your Yamaha WR250R or WR250X with this simple addition.

Yamaha WR250R fuel tank replacement
IMS's 3.0 Gallon Fuel Tank adds and extra gallon to your fuel capacity over stock.Photo: PutterPowerMedia

While light-wristed riders can squeeze a true 70 miles per gallon out of Yamaha's Supermoto streetbike and its R-model enduro sibling, my WR250X enjoyed a four horsepower boost in power over the plugged-up stocker, averaged 43 mpg in all-around running, including high-rpm, twisty-road forays.   With the stock tank stuffed to its 2-gallon capacity, that's just 80 miles of wheelie-popping, curb-jumping hooliganism. A heavy and unwieldy, six-plus-gallon, safari-style unit might be okay for the off-roaders among us, but would have been overkill for the X. A more logical fuel-carrying option is this 3-gallon unit IMS that doesn't make either bike look as if it pre-ran the Dakar Rally.

IMS 3.0 Gallon Tank
IMS's 3.0 Gallon Extended Range Tank (left), compared to the stock tank (right).Photo: PutterPowerMedia

IMS has been making plastic fuel tanks for many years, mostly for off-road motorcycles and ATVs. This larger-capacity tank is a true R&R (remove and replace) aftermarket part. Unbolting the WR's seat and radiator shrouds, pulling the stock tank, swapping out the original fuel pump and tank mounts, then installing the IMS unit took just 30 minutes in all. Required tools included an 8mm socket, a 3mm Allen-headed tool, a large screwdriver and a tiny one. Just 15 minutes were required to button things up with the IMS tank mounted. The only possible downfall of the big tank that we can fathom is its lack of the stocker's heat shielding allowing the plastic unit's many contours melting a bit. This didn’t prove to be a problem on my bike.

Unlike the OEM steel unit, the 3-gallon (as meticulously measured with a science-geek beaker) IMS tank is made of cross-linked polyethylene plastic for strength and durability. This material cuts the WR’s weight by 1.1 lbs. It comes in a “natural” color that is semi-translucent, but we opted for black to go with the X’s black frame and lack of off-road intentions. In this case, the penalty for choosing form over function is not being able to take a visual, educated guess on fuel level.

IMS Extended Range Fuel Tank
IMS's 3.0 Gallon Extended Range Tank (left), compared to the stock tank (right).Photo: PutterPowerMedia

IMS added exactly one gallon of capacity to the Yamaha's meager stock fuel supply, where the buzz-killing low-fuel light routinely lit up after 75 miles of silliness. To carry 128 more ounces of unleaded, the IMS tank is 5.5 in. wider at its girthiest point, 5 in. longer and almost 2 in. taller than stock. This greater capacity creates tighter tolerances between the radiators and the tank and a negligibly taller profile than stock. The IMS item does away with the WR's locking fuel cap and its narrow fuel-fill opening, coming with a plastic, screw-on cap and a tremendous mouth, making fill-ups a much simpler affair.    From the saddle, whether sitting at a stoplight or carving apexes, there's no noticeable difference with the big tank in place. This makes us wonder why Yamaha let the aftermarket increase the WR's fuel capacity to acceptable capacity instead of equipping it with a bigger tank—and this is the greatest compliment we can pay IMS's aftermarket ingenuity.   With a capacity that should have come stock, this aftermarket tank is a simple mod that's easy to install which doesn't create any comfort or mechanical issues.

IMS 3.0 Gallon Extended Range Tank
There's no noticeable difference while riding with the the 3.0 Gallon Extended Range Tank in place.Photo: PutterPowerMedia

IMS 3.0 Gallon WR250R/X Fuel Tank
Price: $274.95
MC Grade: A+
Verdict: A perfectly fitting, well-proportioned gas tank that's simple to install, looks great and increases fuel capacity by one-third.