MC Garage Video: How To Replace Your Motorcycle Wheel Bearings

Wheels not rolling smoothly? It may be time for new bearings.

Deep within your wheels’ hubs—out of sight and out of mind—are wheel bearings. They’re the reason your bike rolls smoothly down the road. And while modern sealed bearings are incredibly reliable, they do occasionally fail.

More often than not, bearings fail due to water or dirt penetrating past the bearing seals, which contaminates the grease and causes the bearings to lose lubrication. When that happens, they corrode and fail.

When you suspect a bad wheel bearing, the first thing to do is inspect it. Luckily, that's an easy procedure, and we've got that covered in the MC Garage video below:

If you do have to replace your bearings, don't panic. It's an easy job. You'll need are a few tools and supplies and the knowledge to do the job, which you can complete in about an hour. In this latest video from the MC Garage, we walk you through the process, offering tips and suggestions for getting the job done quickly and properly. Get more tips from the MC Garage in one of the videos below: