2011 Aprilia Shiver 750 | Doin' Time

WRIST: Eric Putter
MSRP (2011): $9499
MILES: 7400
MPG: 48
MODS: Faast Company Anti-Vibration Inserts, Renthal handlebar, Puig windscreen, Shorai battery and Spider grips

As the Shiver rolls on more trouble-free miles, this month’s big news is an ergonomic update, complemented by actual wind protection and additional weight savings realized with a lighter battery.

A new handlebar made the biggest difference in comfort, without affecting handling. Comparing the shiver's steel unit with the six bars on Renthal's detailed application chart, we chose a black Road Medium ($64.95, www.renthal.com). It's 1.4 nches taller overall, has 1.3 in. more initial rise, is swept back .8 in., about the same width and one pound lighter. This bar's more generous dimensions stretched the clutch cable and left-side switch assembly wires to their max, but didn't cause any problems.

Instead of capping off the ends with traditional bar-end weights, a set of Fasst Company Anti-Vibration Bar Inserts ($69.99, www.FasstCo.com) was slipped in. Combined with the aluminum handlebar and soft Spider SLR grips ($16.95, www.SpiderGrips.com), fewer vibes sneak through.

Windblast is not sneaky. The short, stock gauge cover was swapped for a proper smoke windscreen from Puig ($92.95, www.puigusa.com). Being 7 in. taller and 3 in. wider at the top, it defects a good deal of fast-moving, torso-bound air. The screen installed perfectly, but is not immune to light scratches, or Meguire's PlastX polish, which made them disappear.

The Akrapovic slip-ons detailed last time lopped off 12 under-tail pounds from the 473-lb. Shiver. Continuing this diet program, a 35-ounce Shorai LFX18A1-BS12 lithium-iron battery ($189.95, www.ShoraiPower.com) took over for the stocker; it's 1.2 in. shorter and .8 in. narrower, and melted away another 6.7 lbs. Shorai provides a huge array of sticky-backed foam with its batteries to fll dead space left in the battery box. Bravo!

Additional suspension tweaks and cures for the Shiver’s crummy fueling mentioned previously are underway. With rough seas currently upsetting the ride, we’re looking forward to smoother sailing from the Shiver’s motor and chassis.

For under $300 I totally altered the Shiver's cockpit, creating a more upright riding position with better wind protection and less vibration at the handlebar.