New Harley-Davidson Boom! Audio Music Player Tank Pouch

Tank pouch securely fastens for easy smart phone audio access

Harley-Davidson's new Boom! Audio Music Player Tank Pouch allows riders to securely carry a smart phone, music player, or electronic toll pass right on the tank of the bike.

Harley-Davidson Boom! Audio Music Play Pouch, new product
Get Harley-Davidson's secure, touch-screen-accessible tank pouch for $44.95. Part Number: 76000193.Photo Courtesy of Harley-Davidson

This convenient pouch has built-in magnets that securely hold your phone to the steel fuel tank and sticks tight on the road. With the clear play-through window your touch screen is still accessible and functional which allows for quick, convenient control. The pouch also has an anti-skid interior that allows for the accommodation of players of various sizes and the neoprene jacket offers hard-core protection for the device. Cables that need to connect your device to your motorcycle or headphones can easily be accommodated from any exit point with the double zipper.

This product can be purchased in stores or online for $44.95.