MC Garage Video: How To Replace Your Motorcycle Chain & Sprockets

Whether you’re replacing a worn chain or sprockets, or seeking better performance with different sprocket ratios and a new chain, these MCG tips will get you dialed in.

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Your bike’s chain and sprockets have a tough job to do, and it’s not like they get to work in a very clean environment. So even if you’re diligent about cleaning and lubricating your chain as outlined in our last MC Garage video (see How To Properly Lubricate Your Chain), your chain and sprockets will eventually wear out. The telltale signs are thin, curved sprocket teeth and a chain that may be noisy or have kinked links.

When your drivechain wears out you can pay a shop to replace the parts or you can invest in a chain breaking and riveting tool like Motion Pro's PBR tool and tackle the job yourself.

In this video from the MC Garage, Senior Road Test Editor Ari Henning sets to work on a 2015 Yamaha YZF-R1 to show you how to replace an endless sealed chain and front and rear sprockets. Included in this video are tips on replacing the sometimes difficult-to-remove countershaft sprocket as well as advice on master-link choice and how to properly rivet a new master link.