Long-Term Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 RR: Evotech Fender-Eliminator Kit

Ditching the stock fender for a compact setup from Evotech.

Fender eliminator for Tuono V4 1100 RR
Now that looks better. Evotech’s sturdy aluminum fender kit is a lot smaller and sleeker than the stock setup.Photo: Julia LaPalme

WRIST: Ari Henning
MSRP (2016): $14,799
MILES: 4,201
MPG: 32
MODS: Fender eliminator kit

As my daily rider, the Aprilia Tuono 1100 RR is subjected to wearing a Fastrax tail bag (click here to read about the Tuono Fastrax installation) that makes the bike look pretty dorky. To help counter the luggage's ugliness and restore some curb appeal to the Tuono's tail, I opted to install a fender eliminator kit from Evotech.

The Aprilia is a European bike, so I figured going with a European brand for the tail-tidy kit was a good idea. Evotech (www.evotech-performance.com) designs and makes it parts in the UK and the kit I ordered worked out to about $134, including $20 for international shipping.

Tuono 1100 RR stock fender
The Ape’s stock fender is a sizeable plastic and steel affair. The stock Aprilia turn signals are reused on the Evotech kit, and you have to disassemble the fender to retrieve them.Photo: Julia LaPalme

Installation was simple and straightforward, at least in terms of removing the stock steel and plastic rear fender and bolting up the compact little aluminum job that Evotech provides. You reuse the stock turn signals and Evotech supplies a new LED license-plate light, but it’s up to you to wire the stuff. The kit comes with a lengthy wiring harness and bulky bullet connectors. That might work on most bikes, but the Tuono’s underseat storage space is barely big enough for a matchbox so we opted to cut the multi-pin connector off the stock harness and solder it to the turn-signal and taillight wires. When it’s time to put the bike back to stock, we’ll be able to resolder the connector back onto the original rear-fender wiring harness.

Tuono 1100 RR wiring
Evotech provides a new LED license plate light and wiring with OEM-style spade connectors for the turn signals, but the other ends of the wires are bare. Instead of using the included bullet connectors we opted to solder everything to the stock multi-pin connector to save space and keep things tidy.Photo: Julia LaPalme

Evotech touts a 25-minute install time, and, given that we’re quick with a soldering iron, that’s about how long it took to complete the procedure. The finished product looks great—an attractive combination of OEM parts (the turn signals) and a stylish bracket that’s just big enough to support the signals and the license plate. You get a lot of aesthetic bang for your buck with this kit, it’s well made, and the instructions are top notch.

The Tuono definitely looks better without the big stock fender dangling off its backside, and the Evotech bracket actually provides a sturdier anchoring point for my tail bag. That’s a win-win scenario!