Long-Term Aprilia Tuono V4 1100: A Better Streetbike

Life is good with a 1,077cc V-4!

The Tuono's revised riding position and extra bottom-end torque make it a darn good daily rider. And the soundtrack is incredible!Julia LaPalme

WRIST: Ari Henning
MSRP (2016): $14,799
MILES: 397
MPG: 30
MODS: Still nothing. I’m enjoying it as is!

Life is good on the Aprilia Tuono. I smile every time I start the bike—the ride-by-wire throttle plates snap open momentarily when you press the starter, so the engine literally barks to life before settling into a deep, melodious idle. On my commute to work I look forward to every opportunity to open the throttle, and if you check the specs above, you'll see the result: 30 mpg! It turns out this 1,077cc V-4 is thirsty for premium gas, but it's not like I've been riding it gently. The sound of the engine under load is just so intoxicating!

I've been lucky enough to ride every generation of Aprilia's V-4, and it's great to see the Tuono evolving into a more user-friendly package. The previous bike had a hard seat, so for 2016 Aprilia softened the saddle and lowered it a bit. The bar is also narrower, and that nose fairing is new as well. The changes nudge the Tuono's riding position further from the RSV4's and more toward that of a traditional upright naked bike. Purists might assert that the Tuono's vestigial bodywork means it's not a true naked, but I love the resemblance to the superbike and appreciate the wind protection, which is surprisingly good given the size of the "fairing."

The bigger engine makes the 1100 a much better streetbike, too. While the previous 1,000cc made ridiculous power, it focused all the thrust into the top half of the rev range. I recall describing the engine as having a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality, with 7,500 rpm being the transformation point. On the 2016 bike, you know exactly what you're dealing with from the get-go, so there's no surprises as the revs climb. Just more power and a sweeter soundtrack!