Long-Term Aprilia Tuono 1100: Farewell, Dear Friend!

Ari says so long to one of the best naked bikes on the market.

aprilia tuono v4 1100
Sadly, my time with the Tuono is up. I don’t think I’ll miss any bike like I’m going to miss this beast.Spenser Robert

Time flies when you're having fun, and not only is the Aprilia Tuono silly fun to ride, but it's got rocket-grade thrust so everything is always flying by. Sadly, my time with the Tuono is up. I don't think I'll miss any bike like I'm going to miss this beast.

What surprised me most about the Tuono was how good a daily rider it is despite its pedigree and performance and also how well it works for touring. The extra 77cc and minor ergonomic changes Aprilia made for the 2016 Tuono truly transformed the model into a do-it-all machine. I’m inexplicably happy on the Aprilia, whether I’m reveling in the V-4’s rumble during my daily commute, enjoying the scenery during a tour, or slaying corners at a trackday.

Looking back, I should have sorted out another luggage option so I could pack more gear for longer trips, and I never did address the lack of legroom, which was my only complaint about the bike's comfort. MFW Vario (available at twistedthrottle.com) makes footpeg lowering links that would likely do the trick. My only other gripe about the bike is its limited steering sweep.

As a farewell to the Tuono, I did one last trackday at Fontana and then took off for a quick road trip. Riding with Video Producer Spenser Robert on a Yamaha FZ-10, I logged more than 1,100 miles in two days of two-wheel bliss. That distance included more than 500 miles of the finest passes Sierra Nevada has to offer. It was one of the best rides I had in 2016.

Aside from a recall for the pushrod on the front-brake master cylinder, I never had any issues with the Tuono or any reason to do anything to the bike beyond change the oil and lube the chain. Valve clearances likely would have been a bear, but they don’t need attention until the odometer hits 12,000.

I’ve ridden every Aprilia V-4 since the RSV4 appeared in 2009, and this Tuono is the best version yet. Then again, the 2017 Tuono is supposed to have more performance (imagine that!) and cruise control, so maybe the best is yet to come.

Wrist Ari Henning
MSRP (2016) $14,799
Miles 5,630
MPG 33
Mods More road grime, fun, and fond memories
Update 7