Oxford Heaterz Heated Grips | Thrashed

Ridden and Rated

Cost of Oxford Heated Grips: $79.99. Value on a chilly morning: Priceless! The Oxfords are the ticket to happy miles in most conditions, on most bikes. Even at a 50 degree air temperature with a light jacket on, these grips warm my body enough to allow me to focus on the road ahead rather than on my freezing ass beneath.

The grips are an excellent deal when compared to Suzuki’s OEM units, (priced at $359.95), but installation requires some technical ability. I installed them in about an hour, and there were small challenges, like having to shave off ridges and flanges from the plastic throttle tubing to fit them properly, lifting the fuel tank to route wiring correctly to the harness, and bending the mounting bracket for the controls, to allow mounting on the left handlebar (for an OEM look). Also, included instructions only tell you how to tap into your battery. So if you forget to turn them off when shutting down the bike—dead battery. You can rectify this by tapping into your ignition wire, but again, don’t try this without the ability to get it 100% right. –JF