Giant Loop Lift/Pulling Strap For Dual-Sport and Adventure Touring Motorcycles

Add a handy grab handle or tow strap to your bike.

Giant Loop Lift Strap
The Giant Loop Lift Strap securely attaches to the fork tubes or tail of dual-sport motorcycles and dirt bikes providing a sturdy grab handle to help tug, pull or lift the motorcycle.©Motorcyclist

(BEND, OR) – Giant Loop, maker of the original biomorphic U-shaped saddlebag for dual sport motorcycles, has introduced a new Lift Strap. The Giant Loop Lift Strap is a sturdy grab handle that helps get a solid grip to tug, pull or lift motorcycles through tough spots on the trail, where riders need a little boost over an obstacle or out of a hole. The Giant Loop Lift Strap securely attaches to the fork tubes or tail of dirt bikes, adventure touring and dual sport motorcycles, as well as snow bikes (Timbersled Mountain Horse, MotoTrax, etc.).

Giant Loop Lift Strap attached to fork tubes
The Giant Loop Lift Strap in pull mode attached to the fork tubes.©Motorcyclist

Constructed of durable nylon webbing with a comfortable molded rubber handle, the Giant Loop Lift Strap also makes an excellent carry handle for motorcycle panniers and hard luggage. The Giant Loop Lift Strap and new Giant Loop Tow Strap are must-haves for technical trail riding, off-road racing, enduros and adventure touring, making big problems easier to manage.

The Giant Loop Lift Strap weighs just 2 oz. and includes 40" of black 1″ nylon webbing with a black 5.5" molded rubber handle and aluminum hardware to loop around subframes, fork tubes or other solid anchor points. USA MSRP is $9.99. More information at