Tested: Cycle Gear Freeze-Out Shirt

An affordable base layer for cold-weather rides.

Cycle Gear Freeze-Out Shirt©Motorcyclist

Good gear can make the difference between being miserable or comfortable on a chilly day, and a good base layer is the foundation of any cold-weather outfit. For the past three years, I've reached for Cycle Gear's Freeze-Out shirt whenever I hit the road in the cold.

Granted, I’m riding in Southern California, so the mercury never really drops very far. But I’ve also rarely needed to wear anything in addition to the Freeze-Out shirt beneath my gear. It works that well.

Cycle Gear uses fancy phrases like “cutting-edge membrane laminate barrier technology” and talks about the “material structure of the garment” when describing the Freeze-Out shirt, but the truth is it’s just a fleece turtleneck with a windproof layer on the tops of the sleeves, shoulders, collar, chest, and abdomen. The idea is that the windproof layer keeps wind and chill from drafty jacket zippers off your body, and the fleece chassis keeps you warm.

The fleece has some elasticity and fits close to the body, which makes it comfortable and effective at retaining body heat. Long elasticized cuffs fit under/into your gloves, and the semi-turtleneck has a clever off-center neck zipper that further helps keep draft off your torso by not lining up with your jacket’s zip. For those who live and ride in legitimately cold climes, there’s more; the Freeze-Out line includes gloves, balaclavas, pants, and other garments featuring the same effective combination of wind protection and insulation.


Price: $30
Contact: cyclegear.com


Verdict: An affordable and effective base layer 
for cold-weather riding.