Ballistic EVO Power System For The EVO3 Battery

Charge, maintain, and monitor your lithium-ion battery with this lightweight package

Ballistic Performance Components EVO Power System
The Ballistic Performance Components EVO Power System allows for convenient charging, easy maintenance, and quick monitoring for your EVO3 battery. (Need a new EVO3 battery? You can buy one HERE.)Photo: Ballistic Performance Components

Make battery maintenance a breeze with the latest product from Ballistic Performance Components. Charging, maintaining, and monitoring your EVO3 lithium-ion battery can be completed with Ballistic Performance Components' new lightweight EVO Power System.

This power system comes complete with the Ballistic Optimate 1 Lithium Charger and the EVO Health Monitor. The Optimate 1 Lithium Charger is a fully automatic battery charger was made to help you get the most out of your batter by allowing you to charge, optimize, and maintain the Ballistic power source. With this charger you don't have to worry about checking up on your battery because it is safe for 24/7 long term, unsupervised battery care. The EVO Health Monitor mounts outside the battery box for charged, discharged, over discharged, and over charged LED indication. Furthermore, the Optimate 1 Lithium Charger plugs directly into the EVO Health Monitor so you can keep your EVO battery in your motorcycle while you monitor its status.

Ballistic Performance Components EVO Power System
The EVO Power System comes with the Ballistic Optimate 1 Lithium Charger and EVO Health Monitor.Photo: Ballistic Performance Components

“Left unattended, with nothing drawing from the Ballistic EVO battery, our customers can expect a static discharge rate of less than 10% over a 12-month period. This is incredibly efficient. The problem is most modern power sports vehicles have some parasitic draw from the battery when the switch is off. This parasitic draw kills batteries in power sports vehicles. Traditional trickle chargers of questionable quality are simply not up to the task of maintaining advanced lithium-ion batteries” said Ballistic Director of Sales and Marketing, Chip Spalding. “Our solution is a partnership with industry leader TecMate to provide the ultra-high quality Optimate 1 Lithium charger and state of the art EVO Health Monitor with our EVO3 Battery at an incredible value of 25% off the cost of buying the products individually. Everything the customer needs to get maximum power and battery life from the EVO Battery.”

“The EVO Power System solves a lot of battery problems power sports owners experience” said Spalding. “Power sports owners want a lightweight battery with extreme starting power and incredible efficiency combined with a high quality, sophisticated charger, and a state of the art battery monitor. Most of all the customer wants a trouble-free battery experience. The EVO Power System delivers all of this at a great price.”

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