VIDEO: Vintage Hot Rod Triumph Street Tracker

An On Two Wheels classic flick with the crew of So-Cal Speed Shop and a Bonneville-powered Triumph street/track racer.

So many new visitors to the Motorcyclist website have never seen some of our best video content from the On Two Wheels series. For you as well as those who've been fans of OTW from the beginning, we hope you'll enjoy a reprise of these classic behind-the-scenes moments with some of the most memorable motorcycles ever built. Here we get a look at Champions Moto, a custom motorcycle, parts and apparel company started by Richard Varner in partnership with Terry Karges. Champions Moto teams up with the legendary So-Cal Speed Shop to create a hot rodder's interpretation of a streetable flat-track race bike. The OTW cameras takes a look at the build process from design to fabrication to completion culminating in one of the most beautiful hand-crafted Triumph -powered bikes we have ever come across.