Thread Repair Tools | Tools 101

Modern motorcycles have many steel fasteners that thread into aluminum parts, and that is a recipe for disaster. Dissimilar metals encourage corrosion that locks the two parts together. Sadly, the cleaner and nicer your bike looks, the more likely the fastener problem is to occur.

As designers seek new avenues to shed weight, fasteners get ever smaller, and there are ample opportunities for threads to become damaged or compromised. Metric tap-and-die sets are common now, and quite affordable. A tap is meant to cut new threads into a hole, but it can be used to repair damaged threads. Similarly, a die is meant to cut threads on a shaft, but it will also clean up threads on a bolt or stud.

In addition, there are thread-repair kits. There really is no reason to cut threads—you just need something to clean and straighten them if they still have some integrity. Once you have thread-repair tools in your box, you will be surprised by how often you dig them out to “chase” threads or clean up a fastener that has been treated with a thread-locking compound. I keep the most common sizes in my racetrack toolbox, and a larger selection back at the shop.