Tested: Scorpion EXO-R410 Helmet

A light, quiet and affordable helmet option from ScorpionEXO.

Scorpion EXO-R410©Motorcyclist

Price is often the defining factor for helmets, and companies have to walk a fine line. Too expensive and customers can't afford it, too cheap and customers assume it's not a quality product. Scorpion is arguably pushing the latter boundary with this R410, with a base price of just $140.

My skepticism began to ebb the first time I pulled the R410 on to find an average (perhaps slightly large) but firm and comfortable fit for a medium-size helmet. The liner is comfortable, free of pressure points, and removable for washing. Proper D-rings secure the chinstrap too. The shell is polycarbonate (fancy speak for thermoplastic) and comes in three dimensions to accommodate the XS to 4XL size range.

I’ve now ridden thousands of miles in the R410 and have been very impressed with its comfort as well as its features. The antifog shield does well to keep moisture from clouding the view, and a handful of vents offer decent circulation. Two red straps labeled “emergency” are sewn flush along the bottom of the cheek pads to allow first-response personnel to remove the pads in the worst case. A nice touch, though annoyingly the lettering has begun to peel off 
the tabs.

Another big thumbs up for the R410 is the “Ellip-Tec” face shield system. A simple, spring-loaded mechanism clips the shield in or out in seconds, and an additional spring pulls the whole unit (shield included) backward to maintain a tight seal with the shell. An easily accessible lever on the left side will either lock the shield down or crack it open slightly to supplement the vent in the chin bar. We change and use a lot of face shields around here, and this is on par with the easiest and most pleasing systems.

The R410 also comes with a five-year warranty and is SNELL 2010 (except 3XL and 4XL sizes) and DOT approved. I’ve recommended the R410 a few times already and will keep doing so until someone points out a flaw.


Price: $140-$150
Contact: scorpionusa.com


Verdict: Light, quiet, and affordable.