Sidi Fusion Boots | MC Tested

Sidi boots are known for their high quality, but they also have a reputation for high prices. Luckily, recent additions to the lineup have been more modestly priced. At $200 the new Fusions are Sidi's most affordable boots, but they still offer the kind of craftsmanship and protection for which the Italian footwear manufacturer is famous.

The chassis is all leather and clad in sturdy plastic armor at the heels, shins and the back of the calves. Internal ankle plates and a sturdy toe cup round out the protection package, while rubber shifter pads help prevent premature wear. The thick replaceable nylon toe sliders are screwed in place instead of clipped, so you won't look down to find them missing at the end of your ride. The Fusions use a standard zipper and Velcro flap closure system as opposed to the more complicated arrangement found on Sidi's roadrace boots, which makes them easy to get on and off. The soles are thinner and harder than those of other boots, which translates to a precise feel on the footpegs and rear brake but limits walking comfort to a few blocks at best. Thin, stiff insoles don't help the cause. Replace them with something softer or park close to your destination.

After a season's use, the Fusions' simple style and snug fit have made them my favorite street boots, so it saddened me to discover a crack growing in the leather along the edge of the toe counter on the right boot. Thankfully, the crack counts as a defect (one that's said to have been corrected in subsequent production runs) that's covered under Sidi's standard two-year warranty, so I've now got a new set.

Sidi Fusion Boots
Price: $200
Contact: Motonation
Verdict:3.5 out of 5 stars

Track-worthy protection fused with the simple style and affordable price of street boots.