Sargent Cycles Custom Seat Service

Old motorcycle seats, to paraphrase the late General Douglas McArthur, don't die-they just disintegrate. When they do, Sargent Cycle is there to put things right. After many long years of service, the seat on my 19TK Kawasaki ZX-11 was in need of some TLC.

Sargent refurbishes (and even recreates) a remarkable number of factory standards from ancient Ducatis to brand-new ZX-14s, with an impressive selection of materials and embellishments. Eschewing fancy material choices, I went for a smooth, grain-less fabric. Whatever the pattern, the skins are tough, UV-stabilized, marine-quality vinyl. While my ZX-11's OEM seat cover was slippery, the K-15 material I chose is slightly tacky, which means better grip. If you hang off a lot, specify a lean-friendly cover like the CarbonFX.

Most of the spongy stuff in my seat was replaced with Sargent's proprietary Super Cell Foam. This is reputedly better than the OEM variety, offering better support with less heat retention. At the same time the stocker's undesirable crown shape was excised, subtly enhancing the seat's contours and yielding a more level riding platform. Out back, the leading edge of the passenger perch was given a slight upward lip. That, combined with the slip-resistant cover, should help cure Butting Helmets Syndrome.

Back on the bike, the refurbished seat looks great and the shape modifications make it feel better than new. Sargent's refurbishment prices vary depending on the services requested, so give them a call to discuss your particular project.

Sargent Cycle Custom Seat Service
Price: $80 and up
Contact: Sargent Cycles

Verdict 5 out of 5 stars
A simple way to make your bike's old seat better than new.