Rowe Electronics PDM60 Power Distribution Module | MC TESTED

Circuit-Protected Wire Management For Electronic Accessories


Adding a bunch of electrical accessories to your bike can leave you with a mess of wires running under the bodywork. One way to keep things tidy is the Rowe Electronics PDM60 Power Distribution Module, which I installed on my long-term Suzuki V-Strom. A bit larger than a deck of cards, the PDM60 has six power circuits protected by electronic circuit breakers and fed by a single lead to the battery.

Each circuit can be assigned a maximum current level—three at 10 amps, two at 15, and one at 20 amps—but total current is limited to 60 amps. And all programming is done though a proprietary USB cable to a PC running Windows. You can program each circuit to come on with vehicle power, a wire going to ground (for use with a separate switch), or both. Finally, the individual circuits can be set to come on after a delay (to reduce load for starting) and/or stay on for as long as 10 minutes after you shut the bike down. Neat.

Installation is easy. I found a good place under the seat for the PDM, within easy reach of the battery. Power leads are just dangling wires, but the system comes with Posi-Lock butt splices. On my long-term V-Strom, I'm using three of the six circuits for power to the top box, GPS, and a cord for heated gear. Over six months of constant use, the PDM has been dead reliable. In fact, my only complaint is that the USB connection is on the bottom of the sealed box, so you might have to dismount the unit to gain access to the port. In all, this is a clever piece of engineering that turns a bundle of wires, fuses, and relays into a neat, elegant package.


PRICE: $170


Verdict: Just the ticket for farkle-obsessed owners looking for a sophisticated, versatile power-distribution system.