Realize the Multistrada's Potential with AltRider Crash Bars

(SEPTEMBER 12, 2011) - SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - Introduced to the US market in 2010, the Ducati Multistrada 1200 has proven to be a versatile bike. From winning at the Pikes Peak Race to the Clouds in both 2010 and 2011, to its popularity with the average rider, it's received well-deserved attention. But even a great bike with a skilled rider can go down, which is why AltRider produced crash bars to protect the Multistrada's beauty and function.

Built from one inch stainless steel tube, the bars have precision-manufactured mounts that integrate directly into the motorcycle's frame through the motor mount. This allows them to provide better protection than bars that connect using flanges or weak tabs. The one-of-a-kind design features a cross bar that connects the two sides of the system, protecting the fairings, radiator and water pump. The cross bar also transfers impact energy throughout the entire crash bar assembly - instead of overwhelming any one mount point - if the bike takes a spill.

One customer installed the bars on his bike, and reported back when he had the misfortune to use them. "It was nothing bad but it dropped straight, full weight onto the crash bar," he wrote. "And? Not a mark, not a dent, not a scratch. My MTS is still immaculate." Multistrada owners can ride their bikes as they were meant to be ridden when they have the extra insurance of a crash bar system that won't bend into the fairing, rust, or break. And since AltRider crash bars were designed to complement the lines of the bike, the beauty of the Ducati Multistrada still shines through.

For those wishing to outfit their bike, AltRider manufactures an entire product line for the Multistrada 1200. Available parts include the crash bars, which are available in raw stainless and powder coated black, as well as frame sliders, header guard, radiator guard, water pump guard, oil cooler guard, luggage rack and a side stand foot. AltRider's products have been tried and tested worldwide, by everyone from Ziggy Marley to the Spider Grips Ducati race team.

Seattle-based AltRider offers exceptional accessories for Adventure Touring Motorcycles. AltRider products are made in the U.S. utilizing only the highest quality methods and materials, such as using hand TIG welding and keeping an in-house design team. Each AltRider product is deliberately designed with the rider in mind. Discover the difference at

The two sides of the AltRider crash bar assembly are connected by a cross bar, which allows impact energy to be shared on both sides of the system.
Whether the adventure is through endless miles of twisties or off the beaten path, the AltRider crash bars provide valuable protection.
AltRider manufactures a range of parts for the Ducati Multistrada 1200, including a header guard, luggage rack, radiator guard, water pump guard, and more.
AltRider's crash bars for the Ducati Multistrada 1200, made of 1" stainless steel tube, are available in raw stainless or with a black powder coat finish.
Unlike other crash bars that merely attach to the bike via flanges, the AltRider system integrates the bars into the motorcycle frame itself, providing a better connection and diffusion of impact energy.