MC Tested: Moose Racing Easy Pour Spout

Toss the funnel and give this flexible oil spout a try!

A certain coworker of mine (Ari) doled out more than his fair share of criticism for this product when it ran in our Gear section a few months ago. "It won't work well" and "It's impossible to clean" were among his critiques, so when time came to change the oil in his bike I convinced him to give it a try.

The spout has two sets of threads (at two different pitches and diameters) at the base, designed to thread on to almost any standard fluid container, and sure enough it spun snugly on to his 4-liter jug of 5w-40. A flexible portion near the base of the spout (like a bendy straw) allows for easy manipulation, but we noticed that the narrow tip (three quarters of an inch outer diameter) equates to slow pouring.

When it came time to remove the spout and clean it, we realized why bother? The end comes with a plug to seal the container, and there’s no reason not to leave the piece attached to the jug until the next time you need oil. Got two or three different jugs you want equipped? This spout is 8 bucks, so having a few around isn’t a bad, or expensive, idea.

Multi-purpose Moose Racing Easy Pour flexible funnel spout is 9.25 inches in length with a .75-inch OD tip.

If you like your oil change routine, this piece might seem unnecessary. But if you find yourself fumbling with a funnel, this is a cheap and effective addition to your workbench.

Moose Racing Easy Pour Flex Spout

Price: $8

MC Grade: A

Verdict: Cleaning is a pain, but not really necessary. Otherwise it’s a perfect solution.