New Product: Puig Sport and Touring Windshields for 2017 Kawasaki Z650

Improved wind protection for your Z650 streetfighter.

Are you looking for a windscreen for your new Kawasaki Z650 to help shield you from the wind at higher speeds? Puig is now offering two different versions of their new Naked Generation screen, designed specifically for your Z650. You can choose between two different options, a shorter, sleeker Sport shield, and a taller Touring screen. Both are made of High-Impact acrylic and are designed in Puig's virtual wind tunnel in order to obtain what Puig says is improved wind protection without losing any aerodynamics. The hardware to mount the shield is supplied in the kit, and the hardware itself is available in different colors. Instructions are also a welcomed addition, included for an easy and stress-free installation.

Puig's taller Touring windshield is made of the same High-Impact acrylic as the shorter Sport shield.Photo: Puig

PART# (Sport): 9588F
PART# (Touring): 9369H

More information on ordering and availability can be found at