MC Tested: Dainese Mike Pelle Lady Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Vintage Style with Modern Protection

Dainese Mike Pelle Lady, front
Dainese calls the Mike Pelle Lady jacket a regular fit, which means it’s comfortable and fitted, but not too tight.©Motorcyclist

Most riders know Dainese through their prolific collection of sport riding leathers, but did you know they have a vintage line as well? Peruse at your leisure, but I'm here to tell you about time spent riding in their women's Mike Pelle Lady jacket. One of two women's jackets offered in the vintage lineup, the Mike Pelle is a nice piece of moto apparel to go with your vintage standard or cruiser.

Dainese Mike Pelle Lady, back
The back of the jacket is very non-descript, aside from subtle stitching at the back of the collar.©Motorcyclist

The Mike Pelle Lady jacket is made of 100% waxy cowhide leather, dyed with pure aniline. This finish gives it a slight sheen, comfortable pliable feel, and protective thickness without being stiff. Lined with TechFrame and 3D-Bubble fabrics, the Mike Pelle breathes well, and is comfortable for riding in temps ranging from mid-60s to mid-70s, with just a t-shirt underneath; cooler, if you add a long-sleeve layer.

Dainese Mike Pelle Lady, cinch straps
Double snaps at the sides of the jacket allow for a little cinching in if the regular fit is still too loose for you, or if you’re in between sizes.©Motorcyclist

Dainese classifies the Pelle Lady jacket as a regular fit (as opposed to slim or relaxed), and gives a little room for adjustment. Two snaps at the collar, and two snaps on either side at the waist allow a little cinching when necessary. I found the fit plenty comfortable in the looser (default) snap setting, but didn't feel like there was a ton of extra room. Regular fit is a good description.

Dainese Mike Pelle Lady, liner
A single loop with snap centered at the base of the liner allows you to fix the jacket to your riding pants.©Motorcyclist

There are three pockets on the Mike Pelle: two exterior pockets at the waist, with vertical zippered entry, and one interior pocket accessed just inside the liner, next to the main jacket zipper. The exterior pockets are large enough for a small wallet and can fit a phone as big as an iPhone 6 plus. The interior pocket, located on the left breastplate of the jacket, is big enough for an iPhone 6, with a little room to spare.

Dainese Mike Pelle Lady, cell phone pocket
The breast pocket, just inside the left front panel, is big enough for an iPhone 6, with a little room to spare.©Motorcyclist

Dainese used Opti zippers in this jacket, which I found a bit stiff and difficult to use at times. It might be helped with a little more slack given in the zipper tape when they're sewn in, but I'm no professional seamstress. Still, I wish the zippers operated a bit more smoothly.

Dainese Mike Pelle Lady, pockets
The jacket comes with a zippered pocket in the liner to allow for a back protector (not included). The jacket liner is made of TechFrame and 3D-Bubble fabrics.©Motorcyclist

As this is a more urban, vintage style jacket, there is no zipper at the waist to attach the jacket to pants. There is a loop at the center of the seat of the jacket, which can loop through the belt loops of your riding pants, and snap closed to keep jacket and pants connected. It’s unlikely this trouser loop will keep the jacket and pants together in case of a crash, but does help keep the breeze off your low back. Fair warning though, the loop’s snap is strong enough to keep pants up, and could be wedgie-inducing. Choose the lesser of two evils.

Dainese Mike Pelle Lady, stitching
Tone on tone stitching at the collar gives a subtle branding cue.©Motorcyclist

The Mike Pelle Lady jacket comes in dark brown and black, and retails for $549.95. Overall, I enjoyed wearing the jacket. It’s comfortable, stylish, and still provides protection without looking too bulky. I would opt to add the accessory back armor, for added protection.


PRICE: $549.95

MC Grade: B+

Verdict: If you’re into the vintage standard craze, or have a true classic bike or a cruiser, this jacket would make an excellent pairing.

Dainese Mike Pelle Lady, collar snaps
Double snaps at the collar allow adjustment for a tighter fit at the neck.©Motorcyclist
Dainese Mike Pelle Lady, zippers
The main downside to the jacket are its Opti zippers, which were a little stiff to use.©Motorcyclist