Machineart Moto Introduces the MudSling™ Avant

**August 1, 2010 **Frenchtown, New Jersey, U.S.A. - Machineart Moto, designers of specialized products for BMW motorcycles, introduce the MudSling™ Avant, a patent pending front fender extension that mounts to BMW R1200GS and F800/650GS fenders without the need for drilling mounting holes. The MudSling™ Avant extends the successful MudSling™ rear fender line available for both the BMW R1200GS and F800/650GS and provides extra front fender length to reduce mud, water, tar, and rock splash back onto the engine, pipes, and surrounding components.

"A key selling feature is the Avant's ease of installation with no hole drilling required unlike all other available fender extensions", says Andrew Serbinski, Principal Designer and President of Machineart. "Not only is it simpler to install, it looks beautifully integrated and is transferable to another bike without leaving disfiguring holes behind, a benefit for resale value". Avants fits on top of the fender secured by three compression clamps that grip the underside of the fender drawn tight with T25 Torx Head screws. Avant12 for the R1200GS adds 133mm (5.25") of length, and the AVANT 8/6 adds 146mm (5.75"). Both are shaped with characteristic flared wings that widen the splash coverage area without looking wide.

Features and Benefits:

1) AVANT mounts with a compression clamp in three places for a secure fit and DOES NOT REQUIRE DRILLING the fender. This is a key selling point, appealing to customers who do not want to disfigure the stock part by drilling holes, improving resale value and enabling the Avant to be moved to another bike. All other fender extensions require drilling.

2) Three mounting clamps have integral self-locking nuts to prevent loosening and install with three T25 Torx screws.

3) AVANT provides extra length to the front fenders to much reduce mud, water, tar, and rock splash back onto the engine and pipes - Avant12, 133mm (5.25"), AVANT 8, 146mm (5.75").

4) An AVANT design characteristic is the flared out wings along the sides that provide wider coverage and resistance to mud build-up without looking wide. They mount to the top side of the stock fender and are designed to complement the shape and finish of the BMW fender.

5) AVANT is Injection molded black polypropylene with a surface texture that matches the stock BMW fender. Polypropylene is the same material used in dirt bike fenders and is resilient to flex without breaking. All other fender extensions are vacuum formed and most are painted.

6) The part numbers are AV-12, and AV-8/6. AV-8/6 fits both the F800 and 650 GS fenders, even though the respective fenders are different.

7) The designs are Patent Pending for both Design and Utility.

8) The retail cost of AV-12 is $79, and the AV-8/6 $69. They are positioned at the high end of the market, commensurate with the design's functional, installation and appearance benefits over competing products.

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Machineart Moto Introduces the MudSling™ Avant