LS2 FF385 CR1 Helmet

I wore this LS2 helmet for a few weeks before researching the brand and realizing what it actually costs: A mere $160. I thought it was a misprint. The FF385 CR1 helmet has the features, fit and quality of a lid two times that. It comes with a chin curtain and breath guard, the graphics are attractive and sharp, and the faceshield is legitimately fog-resistant. The fit is terrific for those with a long-oval head, while the pillowy, embroidered liner is plush and fully removable for laundering. The lid has pump-to-fit inflatable cheek pads, and even with that feature the LS2 is still incredibly light; my size-large example weighs in at just 1470 grams, 100 grams less than an Arai Corsair-V. It’s also pretty quiet and cuts through the air without buffeting.

It’s not all good news with this Chinese-made helmet, however. Three brow vents, a chin vent and rear extractor vent provide adequate but not outstanding air flow. The eyeport is wide and offers great peripheral vision, but the faceshield doesn’t seal effectively across the bottom, allowing in an irritating breeze at highway speeds. I contacted LS2 about the issue and one of its representatives said that the problem is due to minor differences in shell shape, the result of the fiberglass shell’s handmade construction—a plausible explanation until you realize that many other helmets with better shield fits are also hand made.

In all, these are really fairly minor complaints in view of the bottom-shelf price. If you’re looking for an outstanding value, LS2 has what you’re after. Just make sure you check the visor seal before buying.

LS2 FF385 CR1 Helmet
PRICE: $159.95
VERDICT - 4 out of 5 stars
Quite nearly a really outstanding lid.