MC Garage Video: The Lowdown On Lithium-Ion Motorcycle Batteries

They’re Ultra Light, But Are Lithium-Ion Batteries the Way to Go?

Beneath the seat of most motorcycles is a brick of a battery that you only think about when it stops working. (And it usually stops working after about five years—that's the typical lifespan of a modern sealed lead-acid battery.) Lead-acid batteries are cheap and durable and have served us well for more than a century, but these heavy, poison-filled devices are giving way to more energy-dense, non-toxic lithium-ion units.

Lithium-ion batteries are readily available from a variety of aftermarket manufacturers, and they're a popular performance upgrade due to their small size and amazingly low weight. We evaluated eight lithium-ion units in another article. Click here for that piece.

Lithium-ion technology offers a lot of advantages over old-school lead-acid tech, but there are some drawbacks as well. In this video from the MC Garage, Senior Road Test Editor Ari Henning touches on the pros and cons of lithium-ion batteries so you can decide if lithium-ion is right for you.