Long-Term Aprilia Tuono V4 1100: Fresh Meat!

What’s that roar? It’s the Aprilia Tuono V4!

With that little windscreen and those panels flanking the radiator, purists say the Tuono isn’t really a naked bike. Who cares! Once you experience the Tuono, categories don’t matter. This thing is a 150-horsepower smile-making machine.Julia LaPalme

WRIST: Ari Henning
MSRP (2016): $14,799
MILES: 183
MODS: Nothing yet…

Aprilia's V-4 engines are like a quadruple shot of espresso. They'll wake you up, spike your heart rate, and maybe even make you sweat a little. From the thunderous syncopated exhaust note to the shuddering feel and absolutely insane power, Aprilia's sporting engines are intense and potent, just like Italy's famous little cups of coffee.

The latest version of Aprilia's venerable V-4—the 1,077cc engine that powers the Tuono V4 1100 you see here—is the Italian firm's strongest stimulant yet. Aprilia updated the Tuono's bodywork and riding position last year, but that new, bigger engine is definitely the highlight. The added displacement boosts midrange power, so now the bike will wheelie off idle instead of waiting for the tach needle to swing past 7,000 rpm like on the previous bike. Like I said, more potent than ever.

For street riders, the new-for-2016 Tuono V4 1100 RR is arguably the best way to enjoy an Aprilia V-4. For one, it’s the most affordable V-4-powered machine in the lineup, and as a naked bike with a tall bar, the Tuono is the most comfortable and practical of Aprilia’s sporting steeds. The RR version you see here differs from the up-spec Factory model in that it has Sachs suspension instead of Öhlins parts and a passenger seat and footrests instead of a pointy solo race tail.

We're adding one of the new Tuonos to the Motorcyclist long-term stable to see what it's like to live with something so dynamic on a daily basis. Will I forgo my morning coffee in favor of the adrenaline blast delivered by a twist of the Tuono's loud stick, or will I grow weary of its raucous attitude and the threat it poses to my license? Only time will tell.

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