Top 5 Features of the Honda Rebel 1100T Bagger

These are the five best features of Honda’s Rebel 1100T bagger.

On the heels of Honda’s awesome Rebel 1100 cruiser (read or watch it in action during the 2021 Honda Rebel 1100 MC Commute Review and Is Honda’s 2021 Rebel 1100 DCT Cruiser a Modern Sportster?), Big Red adds a variation to its new motorcycle model lineup with the Rebel 1100T. Sporting a batwing-type fairing and lockable hard cases, the Rebel 1100T is the more touring-ready streetbike in the lovable Rebel family. Here are the top five features of Honda’s Rebel 1100T bagger.

  1. This motorcycle is powered by Honda’s 1,083cc parallel-twin engine. It puts out right around 80 hp (and 68 lb.-ft. torque) to the 16-inch rear wheel.
  2. This is hard to believe, but this motorcycle is fully automatic. It benefits from American Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission, which allows for immediate up- and downshifts without having to use the clutch. Yes!
  3. We love the styling of the motorcycle with this batwing-inspired fairing and these lockable hard cases which you can use to store your goodies when you’re riding.
  4. This bike has a super-low seat height (27.5 inches) and it is very easy to ride.
  5. And lastly, if you want a stylish and capable cruiser that’s not going to break the bank, just north of $11,000 (2023 model), this Rebel 1100T fits the bill.

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