Top 5 Reasons We Like Riding Bridgestone’s Battlax S23 Tires

This is why you need to try Bridgestone’s Battlax S23 motorcycle tires.

Life for sportbike and naked bike riders gets better with the introduction of Bridgestone’s Battlax S23 sportbike tire. This third-generation rubber is designed to meet the demands of modern sport-minded street bikers, including persons who like to participate in the occasional trackday. We reported, in detail, on this product during the Bridgestone Battlax S23 Motorcycle Tire Review With Videos and Top 5 Features of Bridgestone’s Battlax S23 Motorcycle Tires articles. Now we speak on what’s awesome about these hoops, while riding our Yamaha XSR900. Here are the top five key features you need to know about the Bridgestone Battlax S23:

  1. This tire performs well on a wide variety of bikes, including this Yamaha XSR900.
  2. The Battlax S23 has more edge grip from the improved compound design.
  3. The tires offer less tread squirm and a boost in stability, courtesy of that new tread pattern.
  4. While we rode during dry conditions, this tire evacuates more water in wet conditions, says Bridgestone.
  5. Because this tire has no significant price increase and it’s a good tire solution for anyone who wants to ride on the street or track.

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