Yoshimura Exhaust for the Honda CB300F | MC GARAGE VIDEO

Installation tips from the MC Garage show you how to replace the factory pipe with a Yoshimura R77 system.

An aftermarket exhaust system is one of the first upgrades sportbike owners make to their bikes. It's an easy way to pick up some extra power, shed some weight, and give any bike a sportier look. And when it comes to exhausts, few companies have as much experience as Yoshimura.

In this video, Road Test Editor Ari Henning walks you through the installation of a Yoshimura R77 exhaust system on Honda's new CB300F naked bike. The procedure is quick and easy thanks to the little Honda's simplicity, and while performing a pipe swap on multi-cylinder and full-faired bikes will be a little more complicated, the steps will be the same. Watch this video to see how it's done, and check back later as we take a trip to the Motorcyclist dyno room to see how much power this add-on makes.

Yoshimura's R77 full system exhaust is a race pipe for closed-course use only. The exhaust is being installed on this bike for demonstration purposes only.