How To Align Clip-On Handlebars | MC GARAGE VIDEO

Road Test Editor Ari Henning shows two ways to get your bars straight.

We're back in the MC Garage with Road Test Editor Ari Henning who demonstrates two ways to quickly and easily align your clip-on handlebars. Aligning your bars is an important step when setting up your controls and you'll definitely want to eliminate any guesswork or eyeballing methods no matter how accurate you think your vision is. The traditional method of measuring the distance with a tape from a center point to the ends of the clip-ons is pretty straightforward and accurate providing your tape is placed at precisely the same point on the bar ends, and extends to a center point that is dead center and far enough back to get an accurate measurement. Pinpointing the exact center is key, and not always as simply as it sounds.

A faster method that greatly reduces the possibility of making errors is to align the bars with a tool such as Motion Pro's Clip-On Handlebar Alignment Tool (part number 08-0574, MSRP: $41.99). Watch this quick how-to video and see how it's done with either a tape or tool. And if you have a tip of your own to share or would like to see how to do something on your bike, let us know in the comments below.