Top 10 "Interesting" Questions People Ask When Buying A Motorcycle

"Hey man, how do I look on this bike?" This and nine more common queries that we hope you've never asked!

At the retail end of this sport, we get all kinds of questions. Most are really good ones. How much does that bike cost? Can I get insurance? What’s the trade-in value of my bike? Stuff you completely expect to hear in the course of a business day.

And then there are these:

1/ What do you do if it rains? Motorcycles give us this sense of freedom, mixed with a little danger and a direct connection to the elements. This is part of the appeal of motorcycles, and of course, when riding in the rain, even with a rainsuit, you might get a little wet. If it's cold, you'll feel it, and if it's hot, you're going to know it. As of today, Buick doesn't build a motorcycle. Regardless of what you might think of the big touring rigs.

"Where's the spare tire?"

2/ Where's the spare tire? A flat tire can ruin a perfectly good day but on a bike it can have particular consequences. Adding to the sense of danger and adventure, it can also be an inconvenience. Unfortunately, there is no spare because with a spare comes a host of other things that will be needed such as a tube, tools, a bike lift, compressed air, an extensive vocabulary, etc. With a plug kit or a can of fix-a-flat it can be done, but with the majority of bikes on the road, your spare tire is your cel phone.

3/ What does this do? (This can be asked of any lever, button, or piece that moves on a bike.) Some, when pushed or pulled, will make you stop—occasionally abruptly. Sometimes that's just a reflector.

4/ Do you ride a motorcycle? I'm in this job because I love motorcycles, and at some point I might have had the urge to get on one and learn to ride. The answer to your question is "yes."

5/ How do I look? Yikes! If you need me to tell you how you look while sitting on a motorcycle, I'm just liable to tell you. Careful what you wish for.

6/ Does this get hot? (Asked pointing at just about any part of the motorcycle.)Usually the answer is "yes." Don't wear shorts or sandals. You'll regret it.

"Where do I put all my stuff?"

7/ Where do I put my stuff? Now this is a great question, but it's all in the context of what your "stuff" is. We all need to carry a few things when we ride, but some go a little overboard. If your car looks like the star of the next episode of Automobile Hoarding, you're going to need a touring bike. Also, reference question #2.   8/ What kind of hat do you wear when you ride? It's called a helmet. (Yes, this is an actual question.)

9/ How fast does this bike go? This question gets asked a lot, but anyone who rides doesn't usually need to ask. In the world we all live in with stop signs and traffic, speed is dictated by your surroundings. Or a cop on a motorcycle. The better question here would be, "How fast can I ride?" If you have asked any questions from this list, my guess is the speed of the motorcycle is irrelevant.

10/ I drive a car with a stick shift, so this is the same, right? Yes, if while driving your car you are pushing the clutch in with one hand and operating the gas pedal with the other hand, all while shifting gears with your foot. Even though the basic concept is the same with coordinating gas, clutch, and transmission, there are some key differences. But you'll learn.

We all ask questions that might seem a little crazy, but that’s just a way for the conversation to continue. We were all inexperienced at some point, so don’t be afraid to ask me anything.

Jeff Maddox is the sales manager for a multi-line dealership in the Midwest. Questions for him? Email us at with "Retail Confidential" in the subject line.

"How do I look on this bike?"
"Where's the spare tire?"
"Where do I put all my stuff?"