Rev’It! Apache H20 Boots | THRASHED

Ridden And Rated

At first glance, the Apaches struck me as more qualified for duty on the Space Shuttle—but then I wore them. For 2000 miles. And in fact, the mashup of different shoe styles in the Apaches works quite well for light adventure duty; that clunky, semi-off road sole offers excellent grip and the medium-short, partially-suede shaft is flexible enough to walk in quite easily. Those qualities are attractive when your next adventure is more pavement than pebbles, but you need something more stout than a basic commuter boot. On a proper off-road ride with varying terrain, I’ll always opt for the Sidi Adventures, but when it’s a shorter hop consisting mostly of gravel or asphalt, the easy-on and waterproof Apaches are a great option.

On the minus side, they’re somewhat spendy, not terribly warm, and I did experience some moisture ingress after a 3-hour freeway blast in driving rain last year, but I suspect much of that was water overcoming the zippers. Still, after 2000 miles, the Apaches are getting the job done with little fuss and almost no maintenance. –AC