Denali D2 LED Auxiliary Lighting

_Denali D2 LED Auxiliary Light Pods illuminate the night and increase conspicuity for added safety. _

Denali D2s are the most advanced, HIGHEST QUALITY LED light pod you can buy! Be aware that not all LED lights are the same. There are many cheap LED units on the market that may look like they would do the job, but will fail you when you need them most.

Denali D2s are BRIGHT! These lights are the most powerful light, per cubic inch, than anything out there. The Denali D2s put out 70% more effective light output than the original Denali D1 lights without increasing the electrical power draw to your motorcycle. To ensure maximum performance, Denalis are designed for optical efficiency with carefully thought-out light pattern that places the light right where you need it.

LED efficiency and heat management are critical when producing a durable, long-lasting LED light. Denalis use only the highest quality LEDs; each is selected for optimum color temperature and brightness. To keep the lights cool, the aluminum housing is designed to dissipate heat. Denali D2s also feature an integrated Prime Drive Technology Electronic Thermal Management system to monitor the heat output of the LEDs and prolong the LED life span to its full 50,000 hour potential.

Denali D2s are TOUGH! The rugged die-cast aluminum housing not only helps manage heat, but it also provides optimum durability. The housings are IP68 (ingress protection) rated so that they're impenetrable to dust and submersible under water up to 3 meters. The unbreakable polycarbonate lenses are housed by a 6061 aluminum face plate which doubles as a radiant heat sink to melt away snow and ice in frigid conditions. The Denali D2 LEDs have been subjected to the most stingent vibration tests to ensure their performance in high impact conditions.

The Denali D2 is available in two configurations:

• The Denali D2D features dual-intensity brightness using a separate controller.
• The Denali D2S has all of the same features as the Denali D2D but with single brightness intensity and a lower price!

Those who already purchased the single intensity Denali D2S Kit and decided to add the Dual Intensity feature can order the upgraded wiring harness.

**Denali D2 LED lamps are distributed exclusively through Twisted Throttle. **

Denali D2 LED Lighting 2-Light Kit with Full Wiring Harness and M8 Mount
Denali D2 LED Lighting 2-Light Kit with Full Wiring Harness and M8 Mount - Single Intensity