Tobacco Motorwear Kevlar Jeans | NEW PRODUCTS

VIDEO: See Tobacco owner dragged behind a bike to test his product.

Tobacco jeans sewn-in Kevlar lining.

Tobacco Motorwear Company is out to catch up on the evolution of our bottom half protection. They have recently launched on Kickstarter and caught the attention and enthusiasm of many riders who frequent the crowd-funding website. The reason? Their Kevlar-lined, selvedge denim jeans not only are lined with flesh-saving Kevlar but actually look like normal, if not better-than-average, jeans. They have already more than doubled their original funding goal and with a week left stand to go even further.

“You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for safety,” says David Ackerman, creator of Tobacco Motorwear. “We wanted to make jeans that people will want to wear on and off the bike and then make them safer to ride in.”

Here is a peak at Tobacco Motorwear's Kevlar Jeans. To get in on the first batch and be a BLDR (builder,) as Tobacco calls this first group of backers, hit them up on Kickstarter before January 11th.