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A simple device that clamps to the throttle grip and holds its position by bracing against the brake lever. READ MORE

I try to stay away from straight roads, but sometimes they’re unavoidable. If they’re long enough, you might find your right wrist aching as it strains to hold the throttle steady. That’s when a clip-on cruise control can really save the day.

Heres a good one. The Omni-Cruise, like many of the simpler (non-electronic) systems, clamps to the throttle grip and holds its position by bracing against the brake lever. To set it, tighten the thumbscrew so the inner jaws fight tightly against the throttle grip. Twist the throttle to get the desired speed and then rotate the Omni-Cruise against the brake lever via the thumb stud. Getting the tension set so that the device stays in place but can be easily fine-tuned takes a bit of practice, but after just a day of use I had the movements mastered. The Omni-Cruise is especially beneficial in the cold because it allows you to relax your throttle hand to get blood flowing again.

The Omni-Cruise is machined from aluminum in the U.S. and has a Delrin strip along the bottom to prevent damage to anodized brake levers. It’s said to fit any size grip, comes in a variety of powdercoated finishes, and has a solid warranty: one year on defects and a lifetime, half-off replacement program if you somehow happen to break it.

The Omni-Cruise is convenient and easy to use, but isn’t perfect. First and most importantly, it slows your braking response by a fraction of a second because you must roll the throttle closed before applying the brakes. Simply applying the brakes can cause the throttle to open slightly as the device rides along the brake lever. Second, the Omni-Cruise consumes some grip space—though at only a quarter inch, and that’s much less than other grip-mounted cruise controls. None of these is a deal killer. So, if your next ride entails a lot of freeway, an Omni-Cruise will definitely make it more bearable.

Omni-Cruise Cruise Control
PRICE: $49.99
CONTACT: Omni-Cruise
Verdict: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Performs as advertised, looks good, and makes the super slab a little less tedious.