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Racer Gloves USA’s new leather track-oriented handware from their Road Race line

Motorcycle gloves have to fit well. It's a necessity. And when it comes to fit, Austria-based Racer claims to be the best in the business. That's a bold assertion and one I looked to investigate when I ordered a pair of the company's High Racer gloves.

High Racers are track-oriented mitts that check all the right boxes in terms of protection: lots of carbon-fiber hard armor, Knox sliders on the palms, full gauntlets, and skirt-protected wrist straps. The gloves fit well out of the package—snug and flexible—and only got better with use. The thin Kangaroo-leather palms and external-seam fingers yield perfect control feel, and while there is comprehensive armor and double-thick leather, none of it inhibits feel or causes pressure points. Comfort claim confirmed. In fact, even though these are race-specific gloves, they're comfortable enough for all-day rides.

The High Racers served me well while track testing and racing, and they kept my hands safe during a 50-mph lowside crash. That incident scuffed the palm sliders, but the leather and stitching remained intact, so I continued to wear the gloves. That is until I noticed two small seam breaches that were unrelated to my crash. I contacted Racer about the issue and was told that the gloves would be replaced under Racer's one-year warranty. I'm not happy that the seams failed, but I'm pleased with Racer's customer service, which includes free shipping both ways.

Despite the name, Racer also offers sport gloves, winter gloves, and gloves for women, all of which run about half the price of Racer's competition gloves.


Price: $220
Contact: racerglovesusa.com


Verdict: Armored handware that fits like a second skin.

High Racer Gloves MC Tested