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Food To Feed Your Inner Ducatista

When was the last time you saw a stock Ducati? (Magazine road tests don't count.) As if the bikes themselves weren't pricey enough, Ducati owners tend to add expensive accessories and buy every piece of branded merchandise they can get their hands on. So for the Ducatisti in our readership, here are a few fresh tidbits you might not have seen yet.

Multistrada Tank Bag
The quickest and easiest way to add cargo capacity to your bike is with a tank bag. Whether it's a weekend trip or a world tour, this $175 tank bag from the Ducati Store is up to the task. Hewn from tough Cordura fabric, the bag is designed to fit the contours of the Multi's tank (all years), and is held in place with quick-release mounting straps. Capacity swells from 10 to 12 liters with the slide of a zipper, and there's a handy clear sleeve for maps and two exterior pockets, one of which contains a rain cover.

Moto GP Paddock Shirt
Your everyday Ducati T-shirt is one way to pledge your allegiance to desmo-dromics, but nothing screams Ducatista like this $99 MotoGP shirt. Nothing is as authentic, either: This is an exact replica of the uniforms worn by the factory race team managers, mechanics, engineers and crew. Button it on, pepper your speech with an Italian accent, throw in some hand gestures and you stand a pretty good chance of getting past security into the MotoGP paddock.

Oberon Clutch Slave Cylinder
Ducatis typically have a heavy clutch pull, so a long ride in stop-and-go traffic can leave you with an aching left forearm and hand. This replacement clutch slave cylinder from Oberon is designed to reduce the effort required to pull in the clutch, and it looks trick, too. Machined from billet for lightness, strength and precision, the slave cylinder is available in six anodized colors to complement your ride. This $125 kit includes everything you need for installation, plus a conversion shaft for pre-2000 models.

Heated Hand Grips
The new Multistrada's hand guards deflect chilly air, but in frigid weather that's not necessarily enough. Add cold-weather comfort to your Multi with Ducati's heated hand grips. As with most everything in the Ducati accessory catalog, the price is exorbitant at $380, but the kit is plug-and-play and customer reviews are unanimously positive. Factory connectors mean there's no need for snipping or soldering, and the grips' two-temperature rocker switch integrates cleanly with the included trim panel.

Fast Bikes Usa Crash Sliders
Crashing hurts, but the price of replacement bodywork can be even more painful, especially if you've cloaked your Italian stallion in carbon-fiber. Protect your investment with a full complement of crash sliders from Fast Bikes USA. Built to the same exacting standards as your bike, these crash protectors use stainless-steel bolts, aluminum standoffs and tough Delrin pucks to help limit damage in the event of a get-off. Ducati's consistent engine and chassis design means the same $79.95 frame sliders and $38 axle sliders fit almost every recent model.

Ducati Corse Helmet
Like Ducati's motorcycles, Arai's helmets have long been a favorite of racers and discriminating street riders. The Corsair is top-shelf, and incorporates all the safety, comfort and performance features that have made the Japanese brand legendary. A partnership between the two elitist companies yielded the $859 Ducati Corse Corsair V. Italian artist Aldo Drudi created the design, coupling classic national tri-colore racing stripes with the Ducati Corse logo and desmodromic valve-train graphics.

Café Razzi Corse Espresso Machine
Italians aren't fast because of their technology, skill or determination-it's the espresso! Like race gas for your gut, espresso steps up the heart rate and kicks your adrenal glands into high gear. Inspired by Ducati's legendary racing heritage and their passion for the potent brew, Café Razzi created the Corse edition espresso machine. This Ducati-red juice box is perfect for the office, shop or trailer and is appropriately priced at $1098. A special Nicky Hayden version is available for an additional $300. Each machine comes with 100 premium LavAzza espresso capsules, four porcelain cups, a Pannarello frothing tube and a lifetime extended warranty.

Wagner Lewis Pro Clutch
Ducati dry clutches are known for their seductive jangle, as well as grabby engagement and a relatively short service life. The Pro Clutch from Wagner Lewis improves clutch feel and longevity by utilizing a patent-pending stabilizer plate that prevents the clutch plates from hammering the basket, regardless of how hard you use it. The unit is made entirely in California in small batches using the finest materials and features hard-anodizing, Teflon coatings and Kevlar friction material. It's available in black, gray or gold for $1895.

Ducati Tool Rental
Ducati's trademark desmodromic valve system is surrounded by an air of mystery that keeps many capable home mechanics from servicing their own bikes. It's really not that difficult, so long as you have the patience and the necessary tools. That's where Ducati Tool Rental comes in. The company's kits include all the special tools (but not shims, which you'll have to get through your dealer) needed to check and adjust the valve clearance on your two- or four-valve twin. At $29.95 and $34.95 respectively, rental prices are amazingly affordable and even include shipping and return postage. Kits are also available for purchase for $179.99 and $189.99.

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