Garage Gloves

Handwear for those who handle hardware

Pull on a pair of these the next time you’re wrenching on your bike.Julia LaPalme

We've heard it said that working on your bike doesn't count unless you bleed a little, but busting open a knuckle is never fun. An easy way to avoid damaging your digits—not to mention keeping dirt and grime off your skin—is to wear gloves. These days there are a lot of options, from chemical-resistant mitts like the Gloveworks' HD Nitrile Gloves to full-on mechanic's gloves such as the Grease Monkey Crew Chief gloves, so no matter what the task at (ahem) hand there's something suitable. Here are a few of the gloves we've been wearing and what we think of them.

Motion Pro’s Tech Gloves are as stout as actual riding gloves.Julia LaPalme

Motion Pro Tech Gloves

Look at the techs in the Supercross and MotoAmerica paddocks and you'll likely see a few guys wearing Motion Pro's Tech Gloves. These mitts are fairly heavy duty, so while they don't offer the best tactile feel they are great for handling wheels or swapping hot exhaust components. The synthetic leather palms are durable, and the extended cuffs provide solid wrist coverage. Honestly, these things are more robust than some riding gloves. The Tech Gloves are what we wear when we need maximum protection, they're a good deal.

Nitrile rubber is chemical resistant, so it's ideal for dealing with hazardous fluids.Julia LaPalme

Gloveworks HD Nitrile Gloves

Oil, gas, brake fluid… That stuff is bad news for your skin, so it's important to wear chemical-resistant gIoves like these HD Nitriles Gloves from Gloveworks when working with hazardous fluids. The nitrile rubber keeps your hands safe and clean, while the gloves' textured surface gives you the grip you need to get that slippery oil filter spun off. The "HD" moniker means these gloves are thicker than what a nurse wears when she's giving you a flu shot (9 mil, to be exact), so they resist tears and punctures. The Gloveworks gloves have proven pretty durable and we dig the bright colors. Get a box of 100.

The Crew Chief gloves have touchscreen-friendly fingertips.Julia LaPalme

Grease Monkey Crew Chief Extreme Gloves

Similar to the Motion Pro gloves, the Grease Monkey Crew Chief Extreme Gloves are a little thinner, a little more flexible, and whatever the synthetic leather material they use on the fingers and palms is, it works with touchscreens. That's a plus when you need to answer a call or send a text while you're working. We also like that the palm material is non-absorbent, so you can wipe the gloves clean with a rag just like you would your hands. Snag a pair here.

The Radnor gloves offer the balance of dexterity and protection.Julia LaPalme

Radnor Nitrile-coated Work Gloves

These are the same kind of gloves you can pick up at any hardware store, but the Radnors are just a few ticks better than what you usually see at DIY shops. We like them because they offer excellent tool feel and dexterity—you can grasp and spin on a nut or pick up a washer out of tray. The seamless nylon chassis fits snug and breathes well, while the nitrile-dipped palm and fingers provide good protection that's also chemical resistant and easy to wipe clean. This style of glove tends to wear out pretty quickly, but the Radnors last longer than other brands, and they're practically disposable. Buy a half dozen for your garage and you'll be happy you did.