Galfer Brake Line Kit and Pads for 2016-17 Honda Africa Twin

The CRF1000L Africa Twin gets additional aftermarket stopping power from Galfer USA

The 2016-17 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin has just received another aftermarket product that increase it's stopping power. With Galfer USA's new brake line kit and replacement brake pads offer Africa Twin riders better control and brake feel no matter where the ride takes them.

Galfer brake line kits and brake pads for Honda Africa Twin
Galfer USA has released brake line kits and brake pads for the Honda Africa Twin.Photo Courtesy of Galfer USA

Galfer’s braided steel brake lines improve braking performance and feel at the lever by removing the flex that often occurs in OEM rubber lines under pressure. 100 percent of the pressure at the lever is transmitted to the caliper, giving maximum feedback from the braking system to the rider.

Galfer USA brake lines kit for Africa Twin
Galfer's steel braided brake lines offer improved performance and feel.Photo Courtesy of Galfer USA

In addition to the substantial improvements in performance, braided steel lines also dramatically increase brake system durability by protecting the fragile hoses from the elements and abrasion.

All Galfer USA line kits are designed and assembled in-house at their production facility in Oxnard, CA to exacting specifications to ensure excellent performance and proper fit. Galfer Brake Line kits for the Honda Africa Twin start at $201.00.

Galfer USA brake lines kit and brake pads for Africa Twin
The braided steel lines increase brake system durability by protecting the fragile hoses.Photo Courtesy of Galfer USA

Galfer USA offers replacement front and rear brake pads in two different compounds for the Honda Africa Twin. Galfer’s semi metallic brake pads are an upgrade over OEM brake pads, ideal for everyday use and moderately aggressive riding. The full metallic pads from Galfer are better suited for higher heat conditions and more aggressive riding, particularly intense off-road riding. Galfer brake pads are manufactured in Galfer’s state-of-the-art facilities near Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain, and start at $31.25 each for the Honda Africa Twin.