CruzTools Roadtech B1 Tool Kit

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Once upon a time, every BMW came with a set of tools befitting its station in life. Miles ahead of the cheap plastic pouch of pot-metal junk shipped with most bikes made in Japan, Munich's magnificently useful roll of implements is sadly a thing of the past. Okay, so most modern users are more likely to whip out a cell phone and/or credit card if something goes awry, but for the more self-sufficient BMW owner, CruzTools offers the RoadTech B1 tool kit.

From a selection of excellent metric combination wrenches to a pair of locking pliers and a sweet compact ratchet--complete with sockets and extension--the 30 items included in this tidy polyester fabric roll are a reassuringly effective arsenal in any roadside repair session. There's Loctite, WD-40, electrical tape, zip-ties, mechanic's wire, an LED flashlight and even a shop towel, though needle-nose pliers would be a nice addition. All top-drawer tools with a lifetime guarantee.

So far, this is essentially what you'd find in the company's non-denominational RoadTech H3 kit for $99.95. The B1 kit adds a few indispensable BMW-specific pieces such as an E10/E12 Torx box-end wrench and six Torx bits (T20-T50), as well as a 22mm hex adapter for the front axle. Since one of them could make the difference between riding home and an extended stay on the shoulder, the B1 pays for itself in peace of mind. Drawbacks? At about 9.5 x 10.5 inches, the 3.5-pound roll is too big to fit under the seat. You'll also need a separate tire-repair kit, and CruzTools sells a nice one for $26.95. Still, if you ride a BMW and miss riding with the best tools on two wheels, the RoadTech B1 kit is easier and cheaper than rolling your own.

RoadTech B1 Tool Kit
Price: $119.95

Contact: Cruz Tools

Verdict 4 stars out of 5
Top-shelf tools for discriminating BMW types