Cold Weather Doesn’t Stand A Chance Against These Motorcycle Gloves

Keep some feeling in your fingers this winter.

Remaining dextrous on your motorcycle during the winter is hard, especially if you are ill-prepared and don't have cold weather motorcycle gloves. Your fingers become rigid as the wind chill pierces your bones, your knuckles start to ache, and modulating the clutch or brake becomes impossible, leading you into dangerous situations. Stay safe—and warm—this winter with our picks for the best winter motorcycle gloves.

Alpinestars Yari Drystar Gloves

A great mild winter glove, the Yari Drystar will keep your hands warm and dry on your rides.
The Yari Drystar gloves combine dexterity and convenience when it comes to keeping your hands warm.©Motorcyclist

If winters are mild where you live, Alpinestars' $110 Yari Drystar gloves might be the perfect fit. These understated mitts are great for commuting and urban riding where dexterity, comfort, and convenience are key. The goat-leather and Spandex chassis incorporate hard knuckle armor and touchscreen-compatible fingertips, plus light insulation to add warmth and Drystar membranes to ward off the wet.

Rain-Off Overgloves

They might have an odd shape, but the Rain-Off overgloves are meant to keep your hands dry, which means that they will block out any wind.
Block out the rain—and wind—with these overgloves from Rain-Off.©Motorcyclist

Rain-Off overgloves were born on New Zealand's North Island, parts of which receive as much as 160 inches of rain a year! These overgloves pack down small and have welded seams to ensure complete waterproofness. As their maker says, "They simply can't leak!" The Rain-Offs aren't just for riding in the wet; slip them on in cold weather to help insulate your hands. Pick up a pair for $47.

RS Taichi Heat Generator Glove Liners

Make your motorcycle gloves into cold weather ones with these glove liners from RS Taichi.
Make any glove a cold-weather glove.©Motorcyclist

Glove liners are an easy way to improve the cold-weather capability of your existing gloves. Many liners are made from silk, but RS Taichi's glove liners are made from a blend of polyester, polyurethane, and polyacrylate—that last ingredient absorbs and stores moisture to help keep your hands from getting clammy. These super-stretchy, one-size-fits-all gloves are only $15. RS Taichi also offers socks, leggings, and undershirts made of the same "heat generator" material.

Tourmaster Winter Elite 2 Gloves

Tourmaster made some great modular cold weather motorcycle gloves with the Winter Elite 2 gloves.
The features and price of the Tourmaster Winter Elite 2 Gloves one of the best buys on the market.©Motorcyclist

The Winter Elite 2 gloves pack a ton of features into a $140 package. A water-resistant goatskin chassis with an integrated visor squeegee is wrapped around a Hipora waterproof membrane and 6.5-ounce insulation that incorporates an aluminized liner designed to reflect body heat back at your hands. The extra-long gauntlets have inner skirts with drawstring closures and also contain built-in "polar cover" overgloves for extra insulation. Nice.

Beat the chill with heated motorcycle gloves from Venture Heat.
Nothing will keep your hands warm like some heated motorcycle gloves.©Motorcyclist

When it's really cold out, it's time to create some supplemental heat with a pair of Venture Heat's heated gloves. The Carbon Street gloves incorporate all the best features of winter sport-touring gloves (leather chassis, waterproof membrane, insulation, long gauntlet, etc.) and have flexible, super-thin heating elements that extend from the back of the hands up to the tip of each finger. These $200 gloves have built-in temperature controllers and draw a total of 2 amps.