2006 Suzuki GSX-R600| ME & MY BIKE

Name: Kerri Kasem
Age: A lady never tells…
Home: Los Angeles, California
Occupation: Co-host, Sixx Sense on XM Radio

My dad, Casey Kasem, rode motorcycles, but not very well! Dan Haggerty—the guy who played Grizzly Adams—taught him how to ride for a movie called "The Glory Stompers" that he made with Dennis Hopper in 1967. Hopper later asked my dad to produce Easy Rider, and dad turned him down, but that's another story…

Anyways, my dad never wanted me on motorcycles, or even scooters! It was actually my mother who introduced me to bikes. After my mom and dad got divorced, when I was seven, she bought my siblings and I a little motorized scooter. We were so excited! Next we went to Honda 50s, then 125 dirt bikes, and I’ve been in love with all kinds of motorcycles ever since.

My first streetbike was a GSX-R750—I was so terrified of that bike! I think I rode it three times and then sold it. I was hanging out with Pauly Sherer and Jolleen Farmer from the Las Vegas Extremes stunt group, and they introduced me to streetbikes. Pauly found a great deal on the 750 so I bought it. I was so impressed and amazed with Jojo—she could ride circles around most guys. I thought, “I can do this too!” Turns out, um, no, I couldn’t…

I sold my 750 and got a Harley Sportster and rode that for a year, getting really comfortable on the street. Next I got a Dyna, and that was lots of fun. Then BMC Choppers sponsored me, and gave me a beautiful, bright-red rigid bobber that I rode everywhere. But I just loved sportbikes, so at the end of 2006 I bought myself this GSX-R600.

I’m not going to lie—I haven’t ridden it all summer—I’ve been too busy touring with Mötley Crüe and Kiss. But I can’t wait to get it back out and go on my favorite ride up to the Rock Store then down through the canyons to Neptune’s Net. And I still want to learn how to do a wheelie—so far I’ve only done them by mistake!