Ed Killar’s 2002 Kawasaki ZZR1200

A shared enjoyment of motorcycles brings this father and son together.

Ed and Myles Killar have both shared many miles behind the saddles of their bikes.Photo: Ed Killar

NAME: Ed and Myles Killar HOMETOWN: Earlton, New York, and my son Boston, Massachusetts OCCUPATION: Retired, and my son a Civil Engineer

There is no greater joy than to be riding with my son. I started my biking career in 1973 on a Kawasaki H1-500, followed by an H2-750, and then multiple Z-1's and KZ1000s, a 1990 ZX10, and then the 2002 ZZR1200. I went to an ECTA event in 2005 to run the "Magic Mile" in Loring, NC. Bone stock, the ZZR went 172.559mph. Nitrous oxide caught my attention in 1984, which eventually led to an IDBA 1425cc nitrous/carbs/gas Pro Comp bike. In 1989 my Black Cat Racing team and I won the 1989 World Finals in Atlanta, setting the ET and MPH records(7.64@174.93mph). Kudos to John Ganey of PCW Racing, who built the chassis and engine.

I eventually wrote a book about motorcycle drag racing, called “Nitrous Wars,” the black book of nitrous oxide racing. My son earned his motorcycle license at 16 years old, and purchased a Ninja 250, followed by a new left-over SV650S, and now a 1999 ZRX1100. We shared many miles together on all of his bikes. I had to recently sell my ‘02 ZZR1200 that I put 50,000 carefree miles on, due to neurological issues. I miss, more than anything, riding with my son. For me, that was my Nirvana. Did I mention, we love Kawasakis?