Our Top 10 Motorcycle Videos of 2016

8: MC Commute, Honda CB500F.

Sometimes small and affordable is the popular choice, as evidenced by the popularity of Zack Court's MC Commute on the wee Honda CB500F. This video ranked as our 8th most-watched video of 2016, suggesting that Honda's move toward economical bikes (an effort Big Red kicked off in 2011 with the CBR250R was a sensible one that's catching on with the riding masses.

Out of all of Honda's small-bore singles and twins the CB500F is our favorite—it even took the runner-up spot as Best Naked Bike in our 2014 Motorcycle of the Year awards. One of the reasons we love it is that it's a proper do-it-all, as adept at the daily commute as it is good at running errands and putting a big goofy grin on your face during a weekend joyride.