2003 Suzuki Bandit 600 | Me & My Bike

Name: Jessica Frazer
Age: 30
Home: Jefferson, GA
Occupation: Merchandising/Student

“Once upon a time, when my knight-in-shining-armor arrived, he wore a scuffed leather jacket and rode a lime-green Kawasaki Ninja ZX-9R. He gave me a shiny, new helmet in lieu of a bouquet, then whisked me off, two-up, to Bike Night at The Vortex in Atlanta. Before we even got to ‘I Love You’ I was sporting trendy, new leathers and practicing my two-fingered biker’s wave through a pair of riding gloves as we raced together along the twisty North Georgia mountain roads. From the backseat of that Ninja I fell in love with my knight and with motorcycling.

“We married in the summer and on Valentine’s Day welcomed a fireball of a baby girl. With parenting came a hiatus from riding. We longed for the day we could ride together as a family. For our sixth wedding anniversary, I surprised my husband by getting my motorcycle learner’s permit. A month later, I celebrated my 30th birthday with the purchase of a 2003 Suzuki Bandit 600. Her flashy yellow paint matches my first muscle car and screams, ‘Look at me!’ All around, she’s the perfect starter bike. My transition from passenger to rider has humbled me immensely. Long forgotten are the fearless dirtbike days of my youth! Within a month I successfully completed a motorcycle safety course, which boosted my confidence immensely.

“Our daughter shares our passion for riding. Even before she was born, she would kick when she heard a bike go past. By age 5, she was finally tall enough to be road-legal. We acquired a second-hand textile jacket, gloves and the cutest little helmet. She has since stolen my throne on the back of my husband’s ’01 Yamaha FZ-1, as well as the hearts of anyone who sees her proudly perched behind her daddy. She, too, loves to ride.

“With my unrestricted permit tucked in my pocket, we recently embarked upon our first family ride. Every opportunity we have gotten since has mirrored this day. To date, my longest ride has been a whopping 45 miles on the rural roads surrounding our country home. By next spring I hope to flank my husband through the mountains where we fell in love. Until then, I’ll just enjoy the ride—this is my Happily Ever After!”